Agility Dog Training Group Class in Columbia, MD


Agility  Dog Training in Maryland

You won't find anything more rewarding than agility training with your dog!  It's possible to build confidence, increase communication, get great exercise, and just enjoy your dog.  This class will be an introduction to jumps, teeter totters, chutes, dog walks, A-frames, and more.

Watch this Video from Our Level One Class to See a Dog in Action


Introduction to Agility:  Level I

May 11, 2013 | Every Saturday at 11:00 AM (6 weeks: $175.00):  Sign Up Here

This is a course for practically any dog and owner that want to have fun learning together, and get some exercise at the same time.  We teach you how to have your dog use obstacles that will challenge them, and build their confidence.  Get them to jump, run through hoops, and even balance themselves as they run across a teeter-toter.  Watch their confidence grow as you build a better relationship in just 6 weeks!

Agility for the Agile Dog:  Level II

June 22 | Every Saturday at 11:00 AM (6 Weeks:  $175.00):  Sign Up Here

After your dog has learned to navigate the obstacles, we begin piecing everything together.  You and your dog will learn to safely navigate an entire agility course.  Get them up to top speed, and direct them through challenging obstacles that will mentally exhaust them (and you).  The use of hand signals will be taught so you can direct your dog from a distance, so they can run at neck-breaking speeds to complete the course in record time.


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