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Puppy Kindergarten Group Class

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 Dog Training Group Class Options

Puppy Kindergarten

Level 1: Positive

Off Leash Dog Training Group ClassLevel 2: Advanced

Level 3: Off-Leash

Canine Good Citizen

Agility Class

Dog Nose Work

Feisty Fidos

Who is The CTC Group Class Graduate? 

They're the dog that neighbors envy.

  • They come when called, sit, lay down, and stay...  Without you yelling.
  • They walk beside you on a loose leash.
  • They greet guests only when you say "Free!"...  without jumping.
  • They make you breakfast in the morning.  Pancakes...? Sure.  Bacon...? You betcha. Freshly made OJ...? Don't get greedy.
  • They're your best friend.  With better manners.

What Is the Best Thing We Can Teach You?

We're going to change the way you communicate with your dog, and help you build an extraordinary relationship with them.  To do this, we've designed every group class with you and your dog in mind.  We're teachers by trade, and trainers by passion.  We love what we do, and it shows.

A free evaluation may be necessary prior to the start of the class.  During the evaluation we'll decide together which level is right for you.

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